June 22, 2005

PS.1's warm up 2005 and Xefirotarch

Everyone who is familiar with the Term PS.1, knows what awaits us in Queens very summer. For all others here a small explanation:
The PS.1 an Art Museum with contemporary collection of young and aspireing artis of the New York area, is loosly affiliated with the MOMA, hence the additional name 'MOMA Queens'. Every Spring there is an architectural competition issued, with invited architects only - of course - to design a pavillion for the summer events in the museums courtyard.
These pavillions attract always a quite fair amount of young people, but maybe it's also because of those summer events, that are called 'warm up'.
The pavillion for this years' warm-up, was designed by Hernan Diaz-Alonso, nd his office Xefirotarch. Hernan used to work for Peter Eisenman, and therefore is visits the office from time to time.
Yesterday I was in Queens to take a look at the construction of his pavillion structure, which has a very special form, or shape and was manly created using MAYA, at least I suppose so. we had a little chat with Hernan, and he thinks the structure comes quite near to the renderings and they are on schedule, because the have to finish construction this sunday, for the private party next week. The first public event, or rave with dj's will kick off the warm up 2005, on July 2.
I'll post the images later this afternoon on my flickr page.

Here some additional reading of Hernan's project:
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  1. My flickr page is now updated with the pictures of Hernan Diaz-Alonso's structure.