September 22, 2005

back in CH

hello all,
as some may have heard, I am back in Switzerland, only for three weeks though. So I hope to catch up with as much of my friends here as possible. I'm still going through my pictures to sort them a bit, unfortunately, the camera didn't provide always a correct date, so I have to guesstimate. However, I arrived safely last Saturday and already had since two quite successfull Jass matches.
Tomorrow I have to go to the embassy and by the way, it's Berne eitherway, I'll go see the Paul Klee Zentrum. Yes, it's Renzo Piano (please forgive me P.), but hey I liked the Fondation Beyeler building, so I'm all agog with curiosity.
Switzerland hasn't changed a bit since I left in March, apart of those floodings of course and it's almost mind-boggling, after six months in such a busy and noisy borough like Manhattan, that here in my old room, it's so silent, quiet. Unbelivable, actually not, I'm just not used to it anymore.

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  1. somehow I am still on my NYC time, otherwise I wouldn't be posting at 2AM!!!!