September 12, 2005

COLDPLAY in concert at Madison Square Garden, NYC!

oh man, I saw coldplay last wednesday in concert, the opening act was rather crappy, ok maybe it was just somewhat too loud to be appreciated, but then at 9.15pm the clocks stopped ticking and coldplay entered the stage: the madison square garden freaked out and people started cheering frenetically and we all were satisfied not only with x&y but the best of parachutes and a cold rush to the head. they rocked the arena! I had a great seat, but noone was sitting, the moment they entered everyone just jumped up of their seats and was standing the next two hours cheering, clapping, dancing and singing along, even p.diddy who was sitting, I mean standing 8 meters from me and gwyneth who was behind me. we had a great time. so if yiu get to buy a ticket for a show this fall/winter, just get it.


  1. öhm...dude! how could you just have got this cool seat? and did you get gwyneth's number ;)?

  2. Wow scisar how did I get here? I was trying to find some info on Coldplay, so goodness knows why the last link I clicked on brought me here. But although there is nothing about Cold Play, I'd like to say what a good job you've done with COLDPLAY in concert at Madison Square Garden, NYC!, and you may like to see what we've been up to with ColdPlaygle by visting