February 15, 2007

Monocle, a new magazine by Tyler Brûlé

Everyone knows the cover of the New Yorker magazine, a caricatured gentlemen holding a monocle in his hand... (just a word of explanation, a monocle is "a corrective lens just for one eye")1.
Maybe Tyler Brûlé has had that image in mind when he chose a name for his new magazine Monocle, but then again it just might be coincidence. Nevertheless, Thursday at 09.00 GMT, the new magazine "Monocle" will be officially launched.
Back in 1996 Brûlé launched wallpaper* that redefined the lifestyle journalism. With his advertisment agency Winkreative, a spin-off from Wallpaper* founded 1998 with offices in Zurich and around the World, he came up with the corporate design for the new Swiss Airlines Ltd, that after the grounding of the famed Swissair needed a fresh, new and "swiss" look. Despite maybe some critics of the new Swiss logo and design he won acclaim for it and various awards, but after all one has to admit that it is just gorgeous!
Having that background it isn't a hard guess, that this new magazine will again have a striking visual approach but what is different now? According an article on Brûlé and his new magazine, "Monocle" should inform and entertain "an international audience of disillusioned readers, Listeners and viewers" (Leser, Zuhörer und Zuschauer).2 Having read some other articles on Monocle, it seems that Monocle will be a high-gloss hybrid that wants to appeal to wallpaper* as well as to Vanity Fair readers, combining that afore mentioned savvy visual style with profound journalism. Five parts, from "a" as in "affairs", "business", "culture", "design" to "e" like "edits" don't leave much not to be covered. The topics in the forthcoming first issue seem to be interesting and "new", but let's leave the judgements to the readers.
We can only hope for a great magazine that will this time really enrich the market, it's start has been certainly well-founded (£5 Million) through unnamed private investors and wide spread (200'000 copies). Some of those arguments, but maybe only the possibility to work with Brûlé has for instance brought Dan Hill, city of sound-blog and BBC, to the magazine.

So I hope the guys over in London are having a great party and I wish the makers good luck :-)

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