March 19, 2007

Kerez at Leutschenbach

Just at the gates to Zurich next to the train tracks to Winterthur in Leutschenbach a new public school is under construction. Christian Kerez participated at a competition 2003 for this school building and got a second place, after the revision his proposal was recommended for realization. Probably the most daring part of the project is the gymnasium (Trunhalle) on the fifth floor, not where you usually think you would find one. Each level host a corresponding grades and the outside balconies and stairs can be used as emergency routes allows the interior hallways be used for school purposes and related functions.
The jury apparently applauded the buildings strong presence and signal-like effect, at night the gym shines like a signal above Zurich North.
Further reading:
An article just after the competition, Tec21.pdf.
A newsletter from the City of Zurich about the development in Leutschenbach, dated March 2006, Leutschenbach Development.pdf.
More images in my Swiss Architects flickr-set.

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