April 23, 2005

proof of life

Hi y'all, long time no see, right?
Well, I have to apologize for not having been posting since my return of D.C., but as you might have guessed, I've been pretty busy at the office. Actually everything is just great and I'm having lots of fun, I just returned from the niki (NYC(i))-nightlife at 3am and I'm going back to D.C. at 6am. You get the picture ;-)
I'll continue posting regularly on Monday and you'll also get a wrap up of what happened in the past three weeks, a'ight?
Greetings from Morningside Heights,

P.S.: I almost forgot, SINCITY is just an awesome movie, go watch it when it starts in CH...and have you seen these PSP's?
Gotta get some sleep now, cya'round.