May 22, 2005

The Rise of Darth Vader

I just returned from the Loews at 66th Street, where I watched Episode III. The crowd in the cinema cheered as it started and I have to say it was great. Better than expected, recalling my bad feelings about Episode II, but the Saga is complete and it got completed well, thanks George.
May the force be with you.

May 20, 2005

Log & Volume

The new Log was just released with Bob Somol and Sarah Withing as Guest Editors.
Interesting so far (just got it this afternoon).

I also had a chance to flick through a copy of Volume, the AMO/GSAPP, Koolhaas/Wigley, magazine. It is a bit Content-like, but I can't tell any further, 'cause I need to go through the articles first.


May 18, 2005


Peter was at the ETH last Saturday, any witnesses? How was it?
I heard rumors that it was packed.

May 11, 2005

Holocaust Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe

The Holocaust Memorial was officially opened with a ceremony today, tuesday May 10. We saw the life broadcast it earlier this day in the office and were very exited about it. I am still trying to get ahold of a taping, that I could then somehow put on this site, we'll see about that. Of course we saw Peter talking, and I must admit, we were very moved by the ceremony, which had a very appropriate ending with recitals of Mendelssons work and a Kadish.
Thank you to those pointing out newscasts and links about the ceremony to me, thanks Nik.
I'm still working through the plethora of articles that popped all over the net and newspapers (some of them copied Reuters' mistake of naming Serra peter instead of Richard) for an overall view of opinions about the memorial.

May 09, 2005

EA and the Times

In the today's issue of the New York Times there is a quite big and interesting review of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe that Mr. Eisenman and his office designed.

P.S.: Since this story is all over Germany currently, I will try to make an overview of interesting Articles and Interviews concerning this week's opening of the Memorial.
That is indeed a special week for our office.

An article by the Guardian and a collection of articles from Die Zeit with a wonderfull reading of the Mahnmal by Giorgio Agamben a Italian Philosopher.

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Apologies for the downtime, but due to technical problems I was unable to transfer pictures between the camera and the computer.