October 20, 2005

OMA goes neo-postmodern

In an article of the dutch newspaper volkskrant the new HQ of the publisher PCM in Amsterdam was reveiled. See for yourself
big image of the foamcore model. The design is by OMA

October 18, 2005

Inventioneering Architecture

The four architecture schools of Switzerland partnered in an exhibition and a lecture series that is currently shown and held at the California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco. The event "showcases" Swiss architectural teaching and conteporary Swiss architecture.
The Exhibit is mounted on a long wawy platform, that represents a geological cut through Switzerland, from Mendrisio to Zurich to Lausanne and Geneva.
The schools represented are the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), the Academy of Architecture at the Universita della Svizzera Italiana and the Institute of Architecture at the University of Geneva.
The Exhibit started October 3rd and lasts until October 27th. The first lecture took place last week with Marc Angelil from the ETH (my former professor) and is available as video and podcast over architecture radio.
Last Friday I was listening to the lecture while working but I was missing the slides, so be sure to see the video too.


(to be updated)

October 14, 2005

why does it always rain on me?

why does it always rain on me?
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Rain batters Northeast for eighth straight day, says CNN. Such weather pisses me off. ;-)

October 13, 2005

back in NYC

Oh yeah, for those who haven't noticed, I'm back in the city (of New York, of course).

October 12, 2005

New iMac, new Video iPod, new iApps

Over Apple's iPod site:
Yes the new iPod arrived, and it does video, with a realtime decodeing of MPEG4 and H.264 with 260'000 colors. Prices like usual, the 60GB version for $399. iTunes 6 got released too, looks very sleek to me and you can choose to download from 2000 video clips and even some TV shows, for now only Disney and ABC (Lost, Desperate Housewifes). I didn't download a show yet, but $1.99 seems fair to me, comes down to what a DVD-Set would cost. Oh yeah, a new iMac is out too, with a pretty cool show (-off to your friends) function that lets you control (remotely) the iApps, nice! And iSight is built right in.

Jamie Cullum @ Irving Plaza

Yesterday I went to see the concert of JamieCullum. First I was suprised to see that much people waiting to enter, but apparently he's got even some listeners here in the States and as I have experienced later during the concert, that must have been die-hard fans. The adience was cheering frentically!
Well the concert was great, he's really an entertainer: From the first song on the audience was doing as told, singing along, clapping. Obviously his band is great too, but he could theoretically take over any instrument, as he showed us, especially during the intermezzos, in between the songs. Yesterday his new album came out and so we heard some new stuff, which is awsome btw, but he didn't dissapointed our expectations of hearing some older songs.
Pictures here!

October 11, 2005

Architecture Week 2005: Exhibition Reception

What to do tonight:
Tonight at the AIA Chapter New York the exhibition of the designawards 2005 will be opened with a reception.
Our firm won an Honor Award in Architecture.

The event starts at 6pm. -s

Design Awards Committee

"Description: Exhibition of award winning projects demonstrating excellence in contemporary architectural design around the world. Awards granted in three categories -- Architecture, Projects, and Interior Architecture -- chosen from hundreds of international, national, and local submissions. Competition and exhibition organized by the AIA New York Chapter Design Awards Committee."

Check out some images of the event.