December 31, 2005

Happy new Year!

Happy new Year!
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Seasoned greetings from some sandy hot beach. Best wishes for 2006.
Feliz ano novo.

November 06, 2005

Swiss Curve at the New York Marathon

Tomorrow morning, we'd be all up fairly early in SpaHa, where the Swiss curve lot will be, as seen on the site of the Swiss Consulate in New York. 5th Ave and 119th, about four miles up the end of the marathon.
See you there.

time out

well it's been a bit quite around me the last ten days. well we had a couple of deadlines, you know, the usual.
expect a revamp tomorrow with some pics and so on.

October 20, 2005

OMA goes neo-postmodern

In an article of the dutch newspaper volkskrant the new HQ of the publisher PCM in Amsterdam was reveiled. See for yourself
big image of the foamcore model. The design is by OMA

October 18, 2005

Inventioneering Architecture

The four architecture schools of Switzerland partnered in an exhibition and a lecture series that is currently shown and held at the California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco. The event "showcases" Swiss architectural teaching and conteporary Swiss architecture.
The Exhibit is mounted on a long wawy platform, that represents a geological cut through Switzerland, from Mendrisio to Zurich to Lausanne and Geneva.
The schools represented are the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), the Academy of Architecture at the Universita della Svizzera Italiana and the Institute of Architecture at the University of Geneva.
The Exhibit started October 3rd and lasts until October 27th. The first lecture took place last week with Marc Angelil from the ETH (my former professor) and is available as video and podcast over architecture radio.
Last Friday I was listening to the lecture while working but I was missing the slides, so be sure to see the video too.


(to be updated)

October 14, 2005

why does it always rain on me?

why does it always rain on me?
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Rain batters Northeast for eighth straight day, says CNN. Such weather pisses me off. ;-)

October 13, 2005

back in NYC

Oh yeah, for those who haven't noticed, I'm back in the city (of New York, of course).

October 12, 2005

New iMac, new Video iPod, new iApps

Over Apple's iPod site:
Yes the new iPod arrived, and it does video, with a realtime decodeing of MPEG4 and H.264 with 260'000 colors. Prices like usual, the 60GB version for $399. iTunes 6 got released too, looks very sleek to me and you can choose to download from 2000 video clips and even some TV shows, for now only Disney and ABC (Lost, Desperate Housewifes). I didn't download a show yet, but $1.99 seems fair to me, comes down to what a DVD-Set would cost. Oh yeah, a new iMac is out too, with a pretty cool show (-off to your friends) function that lets you control (remotely) the iApps, nice! And iSight is built right in.

Jamie Cullum @ Irving Plaza

Yesterday I went to see the concert of JamieCullum. First I was suprised to see that much people waiting to enter, but apparently he's got even some listeners here in the States and as I have experienced later during the concert, that must have been die-hard fans. The adience was cheering frentically!
Well the concert was great, he's really an entertainer: From the first song on the audience was doing as told, singing along, clapping. Obviously his band is great too, but he could theoretically take over any instrument, as he showed us, especially during the intermezzos, in between the songs. Yesterday his new album came out and so we heard some new stuff, which is awsome btw, but he didn't dissapointed our expectations of hearing some older songs.
Pictures here!

October 11, 2005

Architecture Week 2005: Exhibition Reception

What to do tonight:
Tonight at the AIA Chapter New York the exhibition of the designawards 2005 will be opened with a reception.
Our firm won an Honor Award in Architecture.

The event starts at 6pm. -s

Design Awards Committee

"Description: Exhibition of award winning projects demonstrating excellence in contemporary architectural design around the world. Awards granted in three categories -- Architecture, Projects, and Interior Architecture -- chosen from hundreds of international, national, and local submissions. Competition and exhibition organized by the AIA New York Chapter Design Awards Committee."

Check out some images of the event.

September 30, 2005


t'es où?
dove siete?

September 29, 2005

Toyo Ito wins Royal Gold Medal

Breaking News at BD

September 28, 2005

Zentrum Paul Klee

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Last Thursday I had to go to Berne and since I was already there I went to see the new Zentrum Paul Klee, which has a 4000 piece strong collection of paintings, aquarelles, drawings and biographic material on Paul Klee. The center combined public (from the Art Museum of Berne) and private collections to the most important on Klee. The building was designed by Renzo Piano and was inaugurated this summer. The building emerges from the glacial shaped hills of the "espace mittelland" sourrounding Berne and form a structural skeleton of beams that resemble a wave or a moraine.
The detailing is as usual, or at least like at the Fondation Beyeler, which was also designed by Piano, very precise executed and stunning in it's features. He multiplied the highway and added a string of public walkway outside and one inside the building. The latter forms the "Museums Weg" (street), which is a public connection/corridor between the three main buildings. This corridor disembogues in each building into a public foyer, which host the ticketing and café area, the museum-shop, an exhibit on the building's architecture and the entrances to the exhibits and additional program, such as auditorium, archives and a research library.
The column-free space, that the skeleton creates hosts in the middle building the main exhibit, inside it's belly. The paintings and drawings are hung on cardboard walls, approximately 2.5 meters high, that orginse and break the large hall down into more intimate spaces. Cotton-fabrics hung down from above enhance the intimacy. The gaps between the beams mostly host windows, shich again are covered by fabrics to dim and disperse the light, since the Klee's work is very light sensitive and therefore need controlled lighting.
You could argue that for the latter fact it was usefull hiding the building below ground, at least parts of it, but the potentially very lighty lit exhibit space needs additionally darkening if you like. But since the exhibited works could be rearanged and the walls removed completely, the curator got an additional multifunctional room, which surely helps the museum's flexibility. The public space with the free areas have the only real façade of the building, facing towards west, and they feel generous layed out and spaced, although I got a slight feeling of a typical european trainstation because of how the façade looks like from the inside (the huge glassfront in a shape of a half-ellipse).
Overall surely a very nice addition to the museum-landscape of the city of Berne and Switzerland. Architecturally certainly interesting, although I don't agree on certain issues (the form forced certain compromises in my opinion but that's a whole other discussion).
If the buidling is worth it's 110 Mio sFr.? I suppose, otherwise it most probably wouldn't have been built. But let's not forget the collection which it hosts, is remarkable and absolutely worth a trip to Berne.

September 22, 2005

back in CH

hello all,
as some may have heard, I am back in Switzerland, only for three weeks though. So I hope to catch up with as much of my friends here as possible. I'm still going through my pictures to sort them a bit, unfortunately, the camera didn't provide always a correct date, so I have to guesstimate. However, I arrived safely last Saturday and already had since two quite successfull Jass matches.
Tomorrow I have to go to the embassy and by the way, it's Berne eitherway, I'll go see the Paul Klee Zentrum. Yes, it's Renzo Piano (please forgive me P.), but hey I liked the Fondation Beyeler building, so I'm all agog with curiosity.
Switzerland hasn't changed a bit since I left in March, apart of those floodings of course and it's almost mind-boggling, after six months in such a busy and noisy borough like Manhattan, that here in my old room, it's so silent, quiet. Unbelivable, actually not, I'm just not used to it anymore.

September 12, 2005

COLDPLAY in concert at Madison Square Garden, NYC!

oh man, I saw coldplay last wednesday in concert, the opening act was rather crappy, ok maybe it was just somewhat too loud to be appreciated, but then at 9.15pm the clocks stopped ticking and coldplay entered the stage: the madison square garden freaked out and people started cheering frenetically and we all were satisfied not only with x&y but the best of parachutes and a cold rush to the head. they rocked the arena! I had a great seat, but noone was sitting, the moment they entered everyone just jumped up of their seats and was standing the next two hours cheering, clapping, dancing and singing along, even p.diddy who was sitting, I mean standing 8 meters from me and gwyneth who was behind me. we had a great time. so if yiu get to buy a ticket for a show this fall/winter, just get it.

September 03, 2005


well, well, well, labour-day weekend is up and ahead and I am going on a small road trip up to Connecticut, Vermont and Massachusetts to some houses and other architecture around there. So far from me, greetings,

August 29, 2005

ps1 closing

well, I have been a little absent the last weeks, my apologies for that. as you read, the last ps1-warm up will be held next weekend, I haven't seen any of them yet. the summer is about to finish, some last hot and humid days, 30 or even 40 degrees celsius were normal. I was working, mostly, but had some time seeing friends and going out. Life is great, and goot just nicer since I moved to the greenwich village, no unfortunately not permanently, only to my only too near departure in september.
what is there to say, the campuses get populated again, a new season starts soon in whatever field you might be interested.
oh its time, I have to go...
good bye and please listen to some schuman, maybe the widmung. that would describe the state of my mood. grandious evgeny kissin's play.
oh, don't miss next week the new mirrailles movie (john lecarré's the constant gardener), the novel was fantastic, the movie is expected to be the same!

July 02, 2005

PS1 opening

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The warm up hasn't been kicked of yet, but it's pavillion was inaugurated at a private party last thursday night. Almost our whole office including the boss was there and when you flip through the images, you might find some celeb-arc-rities. It was fun and exiting to attend such a party.

June 27, 2005

Go Yankees!

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Yesterday night I went to see a Yankees vs. Mets game in the Bronx. It was very entertaining and the Yanks won in the last Inning and with the last Batter Giambia. It was really fun, and I think I got at at least the basics of the game. The stadium was filled with roughly 55'000 people, very exiting.

June 24, 2005

Big Sur

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Xefirotarch's MoMA/P.S.1 Pavillion for the courtyard, currently under construction - until this weekend.
More pictures here.

June 22, 2005

PS.1's warm up 2005 and Xefirotarch

Everyone who is familiar with the Term PS.1, knows what awaits us in Queens very summer. For all others here a small explanation:
The PS.1 an Art Museum with contemporary collection of young and aspireing artis of the New York area, is loosly affiliated with the MOMA, hence the additional name 'MOMA Queens'. Every Spring there is an architectural competition issued, with invited architects only - of course - to design a pavillion for the summer events in the museums courtyard.
These pavillions attract always a quite fair amount of young people, but maybe it's also because of those summer events, that are called 'warm up'.
The pavillion for this years' warm-up, was designed by Hernan Diaz-Alonso, nd his office Xefirotarch. Hernan used to work for Peter Eisenman, and therefore is visits the office from time to time.
Yesterday I was in Queens to take a look at the construction of his pavillion structure, which has a very special form, or shape and was manly created using MAYA, at least I suppose so. we had a little chat with Hernan, and he thinks the structure comes quite near to the renderings and they are on schedule, because the have to finish construction this sunday, for the private party next week. The first public event, or rave with dj's will kick off the warm up 2005, on July 2.
I'll post the images later this afternoon on my flickr page.

Here some additional reading of Hernan's project:
1 LA Times
2 Metropolis Interview

June 16, 2005

I'm sane but overwhelmed

The concert tonight was just great. First Jason Mraz rocked away with his barebone acoustic setup, constisting of a guitar and bongos. The songs are very good crafted and the lyrics are stunning. Now every geek can claim a song his/her own.
About an hour later, Alanis came and she was just amazing. Maybe a slice calmer than she used to be, but her voice hasn't lost any intensity and easily fills the radio city. After only two songs the audience was singing along with full strength. Thankfully she didn't only play from her debut "jagged little pill", it was more sort a "best of" all her albums. The audience cheered accordingly.
This was the beginning of her tour and I'm glad that I was able to experience it, along with a crowd of 6000.
Rock on!

June 15, 2005

Louis "band-aid" Hall

hello Switzerland, today I'd like to introduce you all to Louis Hall. He is a friend of mine and we work at the same office (EA). Apart of being a student of Architecture, an unpaid intern he also is a musician, a singer songwriter I might say. Infact a fairly good one. About two weeks ago, I was at his first feature appearance in a music bar in the Lower East Side. His genre would be folk, rock and despite being maybe a little bit sceptic before, I was blown away afterwards. Absolutely great songs, Bravo! I'm still waiting to get the record of that show, so if anyone knows someone of a Label or the big five, let him know. In the meantime check out his three songs at that link above.
Peace out.

jagged little pill acoustic, second take

More or less to the day, ten years ago Alanis Morissette released her Album Jagged little Pill. For this reason she starts an acoustic tour with the songs from that album, starting tomorrow in the Radio City Music Hall. I managed to get a ticket for this concert so I'm very excited and really looking forward to it. Jason Mraz, who got a awesome critique in the NZZ am Sonntag, will serve as opener!
Pictures will follow.
So far

June 07, 2005

famous ppl

Well yesterday was interesting, when I arrived at the office, guess who was there...Bruce Mau! Ain't that cool?
However, while chatting with friends on the way home, just at 6th Ave, Gabriel Byrne walked by.
So far.


May 22, 2005

The Rise of Darth Vader

I just returned from the Loews at 66th Street, where I watched Episode III. The crowd in the cinema cheered as it started and I have to say it was great. Better than expected, recalling my bad feelings about Episode II, but the Saga is complete and it got completed well, thanks George.
May the force be with you.

May 20, 2005

Log & Volume

The new Log was just released with Bob Somol and Sarah Withing as Guest Editors.
Interesting so far (just got it this afternoon).

I also had a chance to flick through a copy of Volume, the AMO/GSAPP, Koolhaas/Wigley, magazine. It is a bit Content-like, but I can't tell any further, 'cause I need to go through the articles first.


May 18, 2005


Peter was at the ETH last Saturday, any witnesses? How was it?
I heard rumors that it was packed.

May 11, 2005

Holocaust Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe

The Holocaust Memorial was officially opened with a ceremony today, tuesday May 10. We saw the life broadcast it earlier this day in the office and were very exited about it. I am still trying to get ahold of a taping, that I could then somehow put on this site, we'll see about that. Of course we saw Peter talking, and I must admit, we were very moved by the ceremony, which had a very appropriate ending with recitals of Mendelssons work and a Kadish.
Thank you to those pointing out newscasts and links about the ceremony to me, thanks Nik.
I'm still working through the plethora of articles that popped all over the net and newspapers (some of them copied Reuters' mistake of naming Serra peter instead of Richard) for an overall view of opinions about the memorial.

May 09, 2005

EA and the Times

In the today's issue of the New York Times there is a quite big and interesting review of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe that Mr. Eisenman and his office designed.

P.S.: Since this story is all over Germany currently, I will try to make an overview of interesting Articles and Interviews concerning this week's opening of the Memorial.
That is indeed a special week for our office.

An article by the Guardian and a collection of articles from Die Zeit with a wonderfull reading of the Mahnmal by Giorgio Agamben a Italian Philosopher.

Admin's Notice

Coverage of the blog's topic continues as of today.
Apologies for the downtime, but due to technical problems I was unable to transfer pictures between the camera and the computer.


April 23, 2005

proof of life

Hi y'all, long time no see, right?
Well, I have to apologize for not having been posting since my return of D.C., but as you might have guessed, I've been pretty busy at the office. Actually everything is just great and I'm having lots of fun, I just returned from the niki (NYC(i))-nightlife at 3am and I'm going back to D.C. at 6am. You get the picture ;-)
I'll continue posting regularly on Monday and you'll also get a wrap up of what happened in the past three weeks, a'ight?
Greetings from Morningside Heights,

P.S.: I almost forgot, SINCITY is just an awesome movie, go watch it when it starts in CH...and have you seen these PSP's?
Gotta get some sleep now, cya'round.

March 29, 2005


George Washington Memorial
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So here's a first short roundup of last weekend. First I went to Baltimore last Saturday were I met Massimo again, his Cousin and later also Oliver. While spending the afternoon in Baltimore and relaxing a bit we went to DC in the Evening for some partying and stayed afterwards at a Friend of Massi's Cousin. Sunday we went then to Georgetown and drove a bit around the DC area, which is actually very nice. Please check the pictures below.
I'll continue posting when I recovered from a flue that I kind of got today.

March 24, 2005

Going to Washington DC

Hello all, sorry for not posting so often this week, but my work kept me busy :) and very exited!
But that is about to change, 'cause I'll be going to Washington this Weekend, an excessive documentary with text and pictures will follow, so stay tuned, or at least tune in again.
Apart that, it began to snow again here, here in the upper Westside the streets were almost white, or al least covered with "Matsch".
Oh yeah, next week I'll be watching the all new digital flick "Sin City".
Greetings, me.

March 22, 2005


Testmail von handy

1st day on 25th

My first day as part of the NYC workforce is over. It was very interesting and I met very nice people. We also attended to a lecture, "Derrida and Architecture". Actually it was a conversation with Peter Eisenman, Catherine Ingraham, Jeffrey Kipnis, Anthony Vidler and Mark Wigley. They were talking about how they experienced Derrida in both, personal and work relation.
More on that later got to sleep now.

Thom Mayne named 2005 Pritzker Laureate

Thom Mayne won the Pritzker Price this year, the prestigious Award in Architecture similar to the Nobel Prize.

March 20, 2005

just turned out good...

...what started out bad. The first half of Saturday I was sick but in the late afternoon it all got better and after having starved in my room I decided to go for the best pizza in town. About 120 streets further south I had two slices of Joe's Pizza and it was worth the trip. And after some coffee at a Green'ich Village spot I went to see Woody Allen's new movie Melinda and Melinda at Lincoln Plaza Cinema. The flick was quite interesting and funny, if you like Allen's movies or not, it's good catch.

March 19, 2005

FlickrBadge & FlickrBook

Heute habe ich ein interessantes Feature bei Flickr entdeckt, un zwar die Moeglichkeit ein sogenanntes Badge zu erstellen. Im Prinzip ein Script welches man in seine Site einbindet und dann eine Anzahl Bilder aus dem eigenen Flickr-Account angezeigt werden.
Bei mir sind es nun jeweils 5 aus meinem FlickrBook, welches ich ja letztens erwaehnt habe. Da ich ja nur die Highlights in meinem Blog Posten wollte, dachte ich dies waere ein interessanter Zusatz zu dieser Site.
Update: Dieses Badge findet ihr auf der rechten Sidebar meiner Site, unter den archivierten Posts, also nur bisschen runterscrollen :)

MoMA at Evening

MoMA at Evening
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Having found a "public space" to sit down, I drank some Iced Tea and was watching a bit bored the business people fleeing the corporate buildings and heading to whatever enter(that they are a-)tain (ing)ment. Across the street I found the front side of the MoMA. So I thought I'll have a look at the Design- and Bookshop there, I wasn't really in mood for paying 20 bucks to go inside the Galleries. After having glanced through a nice assortment of designed things I decided to leave. As I exited through the main entrance an old lady demanded:
"Are you waiting in line for the free tickets?"
"Free tickets?" -What the hell was she talking about?
"Ok, you're not."
I didn't knew what was going on, but I decided to join the waiting crowd, I mean if it's free at last...
It turned out that every Friday evening is sponsored by Target and the visitors can go see the MoMA for free.
That's what I did and was there about for four hours, 'cause it really got extended!

And I got it all wrong...although the building itself, or lets say the conglomerate, looks indeed very inconspicous from outside, however you will find some interesting views and a fine selection of a japanese minimalistic approach to celebrate rooms inside. The collection is just huge, very exquisit and the UBS Collection is worth a look as well, very contemporary, very topical.

March 18, 2005

Lower Manhattan Skyline from Jersey

Lower Manhattan Skyline from Jersey
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That's what it is, but there ain't no WTC,
but a Freedom Tower is soon to be.

MoMA - the new one

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If you don't pay attention, you really CAN miss it.

Are you Irish son?

St. Paddy's Day Parade
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St. Paddy's Day Parade on Fifth Avenue.

New York Posts and FlickrBook

As you might have noticed, I italiced the Posts concerning New York. I thought it's easier to spot them and to get some typographic hierarchy, you know...
Oh by the way, I most probably won't upload every picture on this blog, just the highlights, so you might want to check out my moblog (mobileblog, or just photoblog), well actually it's just an online gallery from where I post the highlights to this blog. Most pictures on 'dialog' are hosted there.
Cya -s

March 17, 2005

//NYC// AppleStore Soho

AppleStore Soho NYC
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Well while wandering around in Soho I stumbeld over the AppleStore...u bet ;-)
Lots of cool new flashy computers, lots of interesting folks...I'll definatively buy my new Apple-whatsoever here...just because of the experience, really cool.
Have a good one!

//NYC// Me in NYC

Times Square @ Night
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Ok, well now I'm in NY, safely arrived, unpacked my bags and settled. First thing yesterday I checked the Columbia University which is just around my corner and it was crowded, there was a visitor's day going on. I also met Massi form Schaffhausen - the world is indeed small (actually I knew he's there too so...) - and his friend from the HSG. Together we wandered bit around Central Park, Fifth Avenue, The Rockefeller Center and the the Times Square in the Evening. We also went to a (Off-) Broadway Show called Newsical. It was a small theater, actually where the legendary Studio 54 was, but it was fun and we had a good lough. Oh and what was that about going alone in the Metro Uptown? It was just crowded even in the night, I have to say I felt quite safe, I hope that feeling lasts...;-)
Ok guys, today we have St. Patricks Day and we're gonna watch the Parade on Fifth. More News in the Evening.
Have a good one!

//NYC// Sky's high

Sky's high
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While walking in Manhattan, you always see some birds...

Boston from above

Boston from above
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Yesterday, while flying to NYC i also sa Boston on my way. Nice eh...?

March 14, 2005

//NYC// going to New York City

This is it. Nach mehr als einem Jahr Vorbereitung und einem von der amerikanischen Botschaft beglaubigten Arbeitsvisum, geht es nun endlich nach New York City. Dort werde ich, beginnend vom nächsten Montag, in einem Architekturbüro als Praktikant arbeiten. Für jene, denen der Ablauf des Architekturstudiums an der ETH Zürich nicht geläufig ist, zwischen dem Grundstudium und dem Hauptstudium müssen alle ArchitekturstudentInnen ein Praktikum machen, dies ist Voraussetzung um schliesslich weiterstudieren zu können. Durch einen glücklichen Umstand, ja Zufall könnte man fast schon sagen, darf ich nun eben in NYC ein Praktikum antreten. An dieser Stelle möchte ich gerne Andri nochmals danken für seine Hilfe.

Anfang Jahr habe ich mich dazu entschlossen diesen Blog (Web Journal) dazu zu benutzen, euch auf dem Laufenden zu halten, was ich so mache, was ich so interessantes gesehen habe etc. Ich denke dies ist eine relativ unkomplizierte Methode um möglichst viele von meinen Freunden und Kollegen zu erreichen, die dann die Möglichkeit haben nach Lust und Laune mal vorbeizusurfen, meine Beiträge zu lesen und, worüber ich mich sehr freuen würde, diese zu kommentieren. Wie oft ich Beiträge schreiben werde, kann ich momentan noch nicht genau sagen, ich muss zuerst abwarten wie viel ich arbeiten werde; dennoch werden es wohl mehrere pro Woche werden.

Noch kurz zu meinem Praktikum, arbeiten werde ich hier und wohnen hier (ich hoffe ihr versteht, dass ich nicht über Projekte an denen ich arbeiten werde bloggen kann, da dies Bürointerna sind).

Bis bald und ich hoffe von euch zu hören!

March 12, 2005

Ein neues Kongresshaus für Zürich

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Tatsächlich, man darf den Artikeln in der NZZ und dem Tagi
glauben schenken. Wie am Mittwoch in einer Medienmitteilung bekannt gegeben wurde, veranstaltet das ZürichForum einen Wettbewerb für die Gestaltung eines neuen Kongresszentrums. Diese Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft hat fünf schweizer und fünf internationale Architekturbüros zu
diesem Wettbewerb eingeladen. Die Schweizer Büros werden durch Betrix & Consolascio, Diener & Diener, Dürig Architekten, Gigon/Guyer und Livio Vacchini vertreten, die weiteren fünf Teilnehmer sind David Chipperfield (England), Rafael Moneo (Spanien), Souto de Moura (Spanien), Dominique Perrault (Frankreich) und Yoshio Taniguchi (Japan). Der letztere war gerade kürzlich stark in den Medien vertreten mit seinem Neu-/Erweiterungsbau des MoMA in New York City. Die Auswahl des ZürichForums, dessen Vorsitz die Stadtr&aumtein Kathrin Martelli inne hat, l&aumsst schon eine bestimmte Richtung des Designs erachten, aber dazu sp&aumter mehr. Kosten wird der Bau vorraussichtlich CHF 300 Mio. und nach einer Volksabstimmung, die laut Martelli für 2006 vorgesehen sei, würde man frühestens 2007 mit dem Bau beginnen. Erfreuen dürften wir uns also erst 2010 an dem neuen Kongresshaus, wobei die Tonhalle
zum Glück die alte sein wird.

Im November dieses Jahres werden wir die Entwürfe sehen und bis dahin bleibt zu hoffen, dass aus dieser Chance wirklich etwas wird.

March 11, 2005

sneek peek

I was abit busy the last days, so expect tomorrow an update upon Geneva, Zurich and my next big thing. For now, good night.

February 25, 2005

Koolhaas wins 2005 Wired Rave Award

Well, who hasn't seen the press release yet, the winners of the WIRED Rave Awards have been announced. The winner in the category "Architect" is Rem Koolhaas (OMA). Congratulations to the winners. The results are published in the march issue of the Wired Magazine. By the way, who's gonna win this year's Pritzker Prize?

The Pritzker Prize will be announced on April 4.

Fachblogs von Pundits und immer die Frage nach der Qualität - Blogs in der NZZ

Nachdem leTemps am Mittwoch ausführlich über Weblogs berichtete, wartet die heutige Ausgabe der NZZ mit einem Artikel über Fach-Blogs auf. Diese werden, wie aus dem Artikel zu entnehmen ist und wie der Name vermuten lässt, von Fachleuten unterhalten, die "in Fronarbeit frei zugängliches Wissen aufarbeiten" (...). Desweiteren stellt die NZZ fest, dass diese themenspezifischen Blogs auch Platformen wären für akademische Diskurse. Sei dies als tatsächliche e-learning Platform oder in Form einer Gruppe von Studenten oder Akademikern die über Fach-relevante Themen schreiben und Informationsaustausch betreiben; Wissenschaftler werden Wissensbeschaffer. Andere Beispiele von Fach-Blogs sind jene über Wirtschaft, Justiz (bLAWgs) oder politische Berichterstattung. Letztere die nach dem 11. September 2001 entstanden sind und danach eine kriegerische Antwort der USA befürworteten, werden als War-Blogs bezeichnet.

Doch der Artikel schreibt über den "Knackpunkt Qualität", denn die Blogs basieren meist auf freiwilligen Arbeit und deshalb müsste man oft mit Defiziten bezüglich der Qualität rechnen. Als Einwand wird erwähnt, dass von Gruppen betreute Blogs durch interne Kontrolle ebendiese Qualität gewährleisten könnten. Ein gutes Beispiel solcher Gruppenarbeit sei die Enzyklopädie Wikipaedia, zwar besteht ein "grosses Potential gegenseitiger Qualitätskontrolle", über 16'000 Autoren würde dieses Online-Werk verfügen, doch stehe dort die "fachliche Relevanz zur Debatte".

Ein durchaus interessanter Artikel, der hinsichtlich der Berichterstattung zur Blog-Austellung von Sistm, wieder ein neues Licht auf die Blogs wirft, weg von "narzistischen Banalitäten".

Für diejenigen die sich mehr für die Fach-Blogs interessiert, dem empfehle ich eine ganz bestimmte Seite eines Fachgelehrten (engl. Pundit), dem Jura-Professors der Universität Tennesse Glenn Reynolds, nämlich sein Blog namens Instapundit. Ebendieser wird zum Teil auch als War-Blog erachtet, wie auf Wikipaedia zu entnehmen war. Weiter war zu lesen, Reynolds werde manchmal Blog-Vater genannt, denn er inspirierte zahlreiche Nachahmer und so findet man häufig Fachblogs mit dem Suffix "-pundit" als Titel.

Ein weiteren kritischen Artikel über Blogger und Blogs habe ich über Slashdot gefunden, nämlich eines Bibliothekars Michael Gorman. Seine Artikel und Ansichten haben zum grossen Teil Ablehnung in der Blogosphäre hervorgerufen. Wie aus seinem Artikel im Library Journal hervorgeht, findet er es eher absurd, dass Bloggern und Blogs eine journalistische Legitimation oder Bescheinigung zugeschrieben wird. Auch seien viele Blogs, zumindest diejenigen die er gesehen hat, nichts weiter als "an accumulation of random facts and paragraphs" und er bezweifelt dass viele Blogger die Gewohnheit hätten anhaltend komplexe Texte zu lesen, geschweige in der Lage wären diese wiederzugeben.

Im Gegensatz zu relativ vielen negativen Kommentaren auf Slashdot zu diesem Artikel, würde ich Seine Meinung nicht einfach "Angst eines Bibliothekars vor der Digitalisierung" abtun, im Gegenteil, seine Einwände sind berechtigt. Dennoch würde es zu weit gehen wenn man den Blogs per se jegliche Qualität abspricht. Aber in diesem Zusammenhang muss man sich fragen, heisst bloggen Informationen multiplizieren oder verwerten?

February 23, 2005

vector hits big screen...again

Yesterday I saw the trailer of A Scanner Darkly, an adaptation of the novel by Philip K. Dick. The movie will use the Rotoscope technique, which makes it look like hand drawn or just like vector graphics. So it has something anime-esque, but of what I read about that novel, the chosen style might underline the character of the novel and the aspects of reality in it. The trailer remainded me of another movieI saw on TV last year. Parts of that flick featured the same technique like A Scanner Darkly, and not surprisingly both films have the same director.
To conclude, the trailer looked very promising...

February 16, 2005

The Gates Art Project in Central Park

The Gates Art Project in Central Park
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Sadly I'm gonna miss the Gates in New York, but at least I found an awseome satellite image of it. With a bit fantasy you could even see my future apartment :-D


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Heute Morgen in meinem Garten.

February 13, 2005

Hallen für neue Kunst

Hallen für neue Kunst

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Heute Mittag habe ich an einer sonntäglichen Matinee in den Hallen für neue Kunst, in Schaffhausen, teilgenommen. Das Thema war 'der Sprung vom realen zum imaginären Raum'. Stephan Greitemeier, ein Kunst- und Medienwissenschaftler, und Tibor Lamoth, Architekturstudent, diskutierten mit uns über die Erweiterung des Physischen an Kunstwerken von Flavin, Nauman, Kounellis und Ryman. Es war sehr interessant, auf jeden Fall möchte ich allen einen Besuch in den Hallen ans Herz legen, es ist sehr lohnenswert.

February 10, 2005

ETH & trans

Neben meinem Architektur-Studium, arbeite ich noch bei der trans, ein Architektur-Magazin.
ETH Hönggerberg HIL - 1

ETH Hönggerberg HIL - 2

thematic periodical at the Architecture Department (D-Arch)
of the ETH Zürich, ISSN 1420-9713

trans~ erscheint an der Architekturabteilung der Eidgenössischen Technischen Hochschule Zürich auf Initiative von Studierenden. Ziel dieser Publikation ist es, die Vielfalt themenspezifischer Positionen aufzuzeigen, und somit eine Offenheit in der theoretischen Auseinandersetzung mit Architektur und den angrenzenden Disziplinen zu provozieren. Die Publikation ist als fortlaufende Serie gedacht. trans ist nicht gewinnorientiert und entsteht in ehrenamtlicher

Availability: Bookshop des gtaVerlags
(>Departement Architektur>Zeitschrift Trans) und im gutsortierten

Redaktionssitzung, jeden Mittwoch, HIL D 26.4, ETH Hönggerberg. Kontakt

February 05, 2005

Current Reading

DaVinci Code, von Dan Brown.
Brown schreibt über Mord, Verschwörungen, den Opus Dei und andere, ein Thriller der nicht um sonst Bestseller wurde.

Die Geschichte der Gouvernmentalität; Band I Sicherheit, Territorium, Bevoelkerung, Michel Foucault.

In Seinen Vorlesungen Ende der Siebziger Jahre behandelte der Philosoph Foucault die Geschichte des Modernen Staatsverstaendnisses und welche Voraussetzungen dieses beduerfe, sowie welche Folgen dies beinhaltet. Das Erste Band behandelt Sicherheit, Territorium und Bevoelkerung, das zweite den Beginn der Biopolitik.


Seerosenteich 1819
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MONETS GARTEN, der Titel einer Austellung im
Kunsthaus Zuerich, welche nun bis zum 13. Maerz verlaengert wurde.
Monets Begeisterung fuer Motive aus dem Garten, Pflanzen und Blumen, wird anhand Bildern die in seinem Hausgarten in Sevres, dem Garten zweier Haeuser in Argenteuil, bei einem Anwesen in Vetheuil, sowie in dem ueber einem Hektar grossen Park in Giverny enstanden sind.
Natuerlich sind auch die bekannten Seerosen-Bilder zu sehen, welche zu Beginn des 20. jahrhunderts zu seinem Hauptmotiv wurden.
Sehr schoene Austellung, breites Spektrum seiner Arbeiten. Sehr sehenswert. Auch der Katalog zu Ausstellung ist sehr interesant und sollte in keinem Buecherregal von Kunstfreunden fehlen.

February 03, 2005



February 02, 2005


Liebe Freunde,
Ich habe diesen Blog deswegen gestartet um euch waehrend meines praktikums in New York auf dem Laufenden zu halten, was bei mir so passiert und wie es mir geht. Selbstverständlich bin ich ueber die herkoemmlichen Wege der Kommunkiation erreichbar, sprich Telefon, Natel, eMail, Post und was euch sonst noch alles einfaellt. Wer iChat (only Mac) besitzt kann sogar per Video-Konferenz mir mir in Kontakt treten.
Im Maerz beginnt also mein Umzug in die Stadt die niemals schlaeft. Ich hoffe natuerlich auch von euch etwas zu hoeren, dass ihr also fleissig meine Posts kommentiert.
Weitere Details zu meinem praktikum folgen.

Annett Louisan im Kaufleuten

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Ja gestern war's soweit, die liebliche Annett kam zum ersten Mal in die Schweiz fuer ein kleines Showcase ihres Albums "Boehme". Das Kaufleuten war voll, wir waren alle begeistert und Annett war voellig Ueberrascht, sie habe ja nur mit ein paar Journalisten gerechnet :-D
Meine Empfehlung: Album kaufen!

January 29, 2005


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Freitag Abend, in der Box des Schiffbau sprach Daniel Libeskind, der Architekt des juedischen Museums in Berlin und des Masterplans von WTC, ueber sein Leben, seine Karriere und dass er eigentlich gar nicht im Sinn hatte Architekt zu werden.
Er stellte uns auch sein neues Buch vor, Breaking Grounds, worin er Anekdoten und weitere Geschichten fuer Architektur-Interessierte bereithaelt. Interessanter Lesestoff.

January 17, 2005



January 16, 2005


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test pic from flickr


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.