August 29, 2005

ps1 closing

well, I have been a little absent the last weeks, my apologies for that. as you read, the last ps1-warm up will be held next weekend, I haven't seen any of them yet. the summer is about to finish, some last hot and humid days, 30 or even 40 degrees celsius were normal. I was working, mostly, but had some time seeing friends and going out. Life is great, and goot just nicer since I moved to the greenwich village, no unfortunately not permanently, only to my only too near departure in september.
what is there to say, the campuses get populated again, a new season starts soon in whatever field you might be interested.
oh its time, I have to go...
good bye and please listen to some schuman, maybe the widmung. that would describe the state of my mood. grandious evgeny kissin's play.
oh, don't miss next week the new mirrailles movie (john lecarré's the constant gardener), the novel was fantastic, the movie is expected to be the same!