March 19, 2005

MoMA at Evening

MoMA at Evening
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Having found a "public space" to sit down, I drank some Iced Tea and was watching a bit bored the business people fleeing the corporate buildings and heading to whatever enter(that they are a-)tain (ing)ment. Across the street I found the front side of the MoMA. So I thought I'll have a look at the Design- and Bookshop there, I wasn't really in mood for paying 20 bucks to go inside the Galleries. After having glanced through a nice assortment of designed things I decided to leave. As I exited through the main entrance an old lady demanded:
"Are you waiting in line for the free tickets?"
"Free tickets?" -What the hell was she talking about?
"Ok, you're not."
I didn't knew what was going on, but I decided to join the waiting crowd, I mean if it's free at last...
It turned out that every Friday evening is sponsored by Target and the visitors can go see the MoMA for free.
That's what I did and was there about for four hours, 'cause it really got extended!

And I got it all wrong...although the building itself, or lets say the conglomerate, looks indeed very inconspicous from outside, however you will find some interesting views and a fine selection of a japanese minimalistic approach to celebrate rooms inside. The collection is just huge, very exquisit and the UBS Collection is worth a look as well, very contemporary, very topical.

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  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Sasha my dear you are out of this world! Anyway, while you are in NYC, make the best of it!!!!!
    See ya.
    Pa, a Libra also, but Pig on Chinese Horoscope!