March 29, 2005


George Washington Memorial
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So here's a first short roundup of last weekend. First I went to Baltimore last Saturday were I met Massimo again, his Cousin and later also Oliver. While spending the afternoon in Baltimore and relaxing a bit we went to DC in the Evening for some partying and stayed afterwards at a Friend of Massi's Cousin. Sunday we went then to Georgetown and drove a bit around the DC area, which is actually very nice. Please check the pictures below.
I'll continue posting when I recovered from a flue that I kind of got today.


  1. Hey buddy, get well soon! We still need you back in "Good Old Europe".

  2. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Hi Mister Cisi,
    I just wanted to ask, if everything is going well in N.Y.?
    Did you get your ETH-results? I hope they turned out good?
    I guess you're quite busy, but don't let your "fan-community" ;-) wait so long for your next message.


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