March 17, 2005

//NYC// Me in NYC

Times Square @ Night
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Ok, well now I'm in NY, safely arrived, unpacked my bags and settled. First thing yesterday I checked the Columbia University which is just around my corner and it was crowded, there was a visitor's day going on. I also met Massi form Schaffhausen - the world is indeed small (actually I knew he's there too so...) - and his friend from the HSG. Together we wandered bit around Central Park, Fifth Avenue, The Rockefeller Center and the the Times Square in the Evening. We also went to a (Off-) Broadway Show called Newsical. It was a small theater, actually where the legendary Studio 54 was, but it was fun and we had a good lough. Oh and what was that about going alone in the Metro Uptown? It was just crowded even in the night, I have to say I felt quite safe, I hope that feeling lasts...;-)
Ok guys, today we have St. Patricks Day and we're gonna watch the Parade on Fifth. More News in the Evening.
Have a good one!

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